OPERA DEI PUPI | Rinaldo e Gattamogliere

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Rinaldo e Gattamogliere
Marionette Company Fratelli Napoli Palermo, Antonio Pasqualino International Puppet Museum

Rinaldo crosses the Bosco della Foglia to bring the treasure gained in the enterprise of Dama Rovenza to Montalbano. Gano di Magonza ambushes him to kill him. But – thanks to the foresight of the familiar Peppininu – Rinaldo escapes the ambush. The infamous Gano slanders Rinaldo, telling Orlando and Charlemagne that instead it was he who was attacked by the paladin at the Passo della Foglia. Thus the castle of Montalbano is besieged and Orlando is forced to engage in a duel with his cousin. But Gano, not yet satisfied with his betrayals, to be sure that Rinaldo dies, proposes to Charlemagne an alliance with the Saracen king Gattamogli, whose sole purpose is to kill Rinaldo to avenge Mambrino and his relatives. From here an intertwining of events will unfold which, in a narrative arc stretched to the point of almost reaching Rinaldo’s death, will reach a liberating happy ending.

Naples Brothers Puppet Company. It represents the ancient tradition of the Catania puppet opera. Don Gaetano Napoli founded the company in 1921, later entrusting it to his three sons Pippo, Rosario and Natale. The Napoli, in addition to proposing shows with subject recitation, represent texts based on the tradition of ancient canvases in which a modern dramaturgy of the puppet opera manages to take into account the traditional rules of staging. Based on codes handed down from father to son, sentiment becomes gesture, communication, art. The scenes, the armor, the costumes, the sounds and that “improvisation” as an essential artistic moment further contribute to the creation of the public-actor relationship and the particular theatrical “magic”, which are fundamental characteristics of the puppet opera.

MY FESTIVAL PLAYER has selected 4 shows among the 80 (12 companies from all over Sicily belonging to the “Italian network of organizations for the protection, promotion and enhancement of the puppet opera”) scheduled by the XLV Festival of Morgana. The Festival is part of ATF, the Figure Theaters Association (member of Italiafestival).

The 4 shows scheduled on MY FESTIVAL PLAYER, out of the 80 planned by the Festival, will allow the public to attend shows with puppets belonging to different schools, which differ in the size of the puppets and in the maneuvering techniques.

The shows will be available free on demand on italiafestival.tv until the end of the Festival, 13 December 2020.

XLV Festival of Morgana
4> 13 December 2020
Acireale, Alcamo, Messina, Palermo, Syracuse, Sortino, Terrasini
The Festival di Morgana 2020, Sicily and the “magical objects”
like magnifying glasses to look at the world