The marionette arts of Ravenna: the Great Befana Festival

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The marionette arts of Ravenna present the Great Feast of the Befana with the Monticelli Family / Teatro del Drago.

No sweets or charcoal, this year the Befana brings a special gift: a whole show! In the sock the theater just doesn’t fit but the virtual curtain will open anyway, on the computer screen or smart TV and, to greet the boys and girls from the digital proscenium, there will be Fagiolino Fan Fan, the odd puppet hero, ready to live together with his audience hilarious adventures.

Teatro del Drago di Ravenna, historic company of the Monticelli family of art, active in the puppet and marionette sector since the mid-nineteenth century, offers in the Online version The amazing history of Fagiolino, a puppet show inspired by the classic texts of the traditional Emilia Romagna repertoire staged by the brothers Mauro and Andrea Monticelli. Fast actions and a rather strange language with dialect cadences, gags, comic ideas, dialogues and jokes will involve both children and adults, in a timeless story, because as grandfather Otello Monticelli said, puppet shows are aimed at “children from 5 to 95 years “. Fagiolino, hero of the hut, will be able to hunt “with bludgeoning all the bad guys at the bottom of the panirone” and a special guest will also arrive to help him… the Befana in flesh, bones and broken socks!

Info line 392 6664211- company@teatrodeldrago.it- www.teatrodledrago.it-

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